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What to Do If Your Washer Is Overflowing

You put a load of clothes in the washing machine, start the cycle, and then walk away to work on another chore. Until a few minutes later, you realize you still hear running water and discover that your washer is overflowing all over the laundry room. What should you do next?

For starters, don't panic. An overflowing washing machine can make a huge mess, but you can take a few easy steps to diagnose the problem.

First, try shutting off the power to your washer. Often, the easiest way to do this is to unplug the appliance or to flip the appropriate circuit breaker in your home's electrical panel. If the water keeps flowing, you'll need to replace the defective water inlet valve.

If that's not the solution, you may want to test your water pressure. Most water inlet valves require water pressure of at least 20 psi to shut off; lower pressure can result in the valve not closing properly, allowing water to continue to trickle out. You can check your home's water pressure with a simple pressure gauge (available at most home improvement stores). Select one with female threads, and you can simply attach it to an outside hose bib. This reading will tell you if there is sufficient water pressure for the inlet valve to work correctly.

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